Kyle’s private lessons with your coach were amazing. Coach really helped build Kyle’s confidence and understanding of the game. I have never met someone with so much passion for soccer. At the end of Kyle’s training sessions, my husband Kevin was even interested in playing soccer.

Kyle has not personally scored many goals, but he plays very good defense. He also has good control of the ball now, thanks to your coach.

Kyle also enjoyed the group training in Closter, and would like to continue. Kyle becoming a BSM Academy Team player would make my heart smile.

Thanks again everything.



Wanted to send a quick note to say thank you! Robinson, Kathy and I spoke a lot about the attention to detail and the accountability that you focused on in practice, the specifics of the things he did well and calling him out to work on the things that he did not do well. We all agree that it was super beneficial and helped him a ton. Challenging him with the older boys was also humbling and encouraging for him all at the same time. We have seen him accept this challenge and begin to figure out how to make it work. It is so much fun to see! I know he had fun and always looked forward to practice and the games. Thank you for taking him on this summer and spending as much time and attention as you did with him.


We went to Dean's first game of the town soccer season this afternoon. I didn't expect much. I was genuinely brought back to memories of last year when Dean kept running to the opposite direction, and never cared to go after the ball. We were so frustrated and sad. Our hands were tied (or that is what I thought!), but we kept persisting and never giving up on our son and not letting him give up. This past spring and summer, D did a lot of Brazilian soccer training at BSM Elite Soccer Academy!


Coach Fernando, ​ Even though we lost in the NJ State Cup quarterfinals yesterday 2-1, I would like to thank you. You have done everything to take us this far in the final 8. We couldn't have done it without you, coach! ​ You are the best coach EVER!!


Coach Pedro, Congratulations on the partnership with New York Red Bulls! You are amazing! I know you since my older son was little and I was always impressed by your passion towards coaching kids and managing the club at the same time. You are an great example of an athlete who developed business with all your talents!! Coincidentally, I do business coaching for a company related to NY Red Bulls. My clients include companies and retired professional soccer players. I would like to mention about you in my sessions and am sure they will be very encouraged by knowing your story!!

D.M. & M.M.

Coach Oscar, We really appreciate all the time and devotion that you put into Eitan all these years. Eitan learnt so much from you and you really built him as a soccer player and gave him the love of the game. We appreciate it that you built Eitan's confidence with the right balance between toughness and sensitivity. The kids admire you because you have such a good approach to the kids. We wish you good luck next year with your team and will see you around at parallel practices and games. With you in socce


Coach Oscar, Thank you for teaching me to play soccer better. You helped me improve a lot on defense. I had fun playing on your team. Next year I will play on the 2005 team with Kevin and Andrew. I hope your team will do good next year!


"We very much appreciate your program and have been telling everyone how professional and well organized BSM runs their program. My husband specifically talks about your impressive method of instructing the class, keeping the interest and attention of the children, encouraging Evan to grow on his skillset and helping him work on his weaknesses, and your ability to compose a fun and educational course. My husband also truly appreciates how you command respect from the children, and not only instruct them on soccer skills, but you also emphasize rules of integrity such as looking someone in the eyes when being spoken to. We have enrolled Evan in many different sports programs and have been consistently disappointed with the instructors; My husband says that all coaches should take lessons from you before being permitted to instruct. Honestly, we cannot say enough good things about you as a coach and the program that you run." by G.L. (Demarest)


Coach Kris, Thank you for your efforts, passion and energy. Nikhil really enjoys BSM and being coached by you! G.S.

Bob T.

Hi, Coaches Pedro, Ferdinand, Oscar, Danilo, Ricky and Kris. This is Bob T., Danielle's dad. I just wanted to write to tell you what an amazingly wonderful experience Danielle has had the past 2 months being a part of your BSM Summer Select Team program. Danielle has been playing soccer for over 5 years and has had the opportunity to play on many teams, ranging from our local Cresskill town team to a Division 1 EDP team. Of course, she has also been a part of many training camps and summer/winter programs. As you can imagine, she (and I) have seen many various coaches/programs, and they all have been different in their own way. But I can say, with complete 100% honesty, that Danielle has never enjoyed herself as much as she has with the BSM coaching staff. Not only did she have fun, but she, and I, feel that she has improved and learned so much during the short 2 months with your program! I truly enjoy watching the practices whenever I can attend. The coaches obviously care about the children and it shows in the way the practices are run. Danielle would get in the car after practice, dripping wet with sweat, exhausted beyond belief, and would say "that was the best practice I have ever had". And that is not something I ever remember her saying before. So, Pedro, thank you for having such a great program, and for having such dedicated, caring, and talented trainers. ​ Hopefully, there will be more opportunities in the future for Danielle to join your organization. ​ Sincerely, Bob T.


Dear BSM, I would like to express my gratitude towards your coaches, but specifically Coach Randy. My son, Jayden, developed a passion for soccer this summer during the World Cup. This past summer, I enrolled my son in an academy (which will remain nameless) and it was a horrible experience! My son was devastated, however his drive to learn the sport was in him. I searched and came across your academy and God only knows how grateful we are! The first practice my son had was in Leonia with Coach Randy and Coach Kris. I was amazed by the interaction I witnessed. They were involved, passionate and professional. Once practice was over, my son said to me in the car – “Mom, I learned today in 1.5 hours more than what I ever learned in 2 weeks with (unnamed) Academy.” I wanted to cry because I knew how much he wanted to learn the sport and wasn’t given the opportunity in the previous academy. I have continued to enroll Jayden with BSM since then because your staff cares. Coach Randy has been an inspiration to my son! My son loves Coach Randy. Last week, Coach Kris took a few minutes after practice to give Jayden a pep-talk and within that talk I over heard him say – “Jayden, I am going to push you to your limits every time I see you!” As a parent, this is priceless. Because of this, I will be forever grateful. You have outstanding coaches that demonstrate the true value of leadership and integrity. Please continue to train your staff as you are already, because there is no better place I would want my son to continue to learn the sport of soccer. Respectfully,


Hi Kris, Ulee is enthusiastic about continuing with BSM, and so we DO plan to return for next season. Thank you for all the work you put into coaching. Anyone can see how much you care about developing your players. Ulee really likes playing for you, and it’s been a pleasure as a parent to watch himgrowing as a player in confidence, skill, and enthusiasm. I know this doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a really good coach. Thank you. Best, J.K.

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